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7.10. Spite “Don’t be afraid.” Nox pressed his back against the…

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“Don’t be afraid.”

Nox pressed his back against the wall. His wings ached from the position, but the mutt much rather took the pain than stand any closer to that foaming mouth. And the snicker... And the tongue... And those gleaming eyes...
Redrum hung his lower jaw loosely, his double tongue hanging. The smaller, split tongue slipped in and out of its pouch, following the rhythm of the malicid’s snickering. The sound was insane, a set of higher echoes sounding from deep within the beast’s throat.
Nox didn’t even know what he had done to spite the monster. Redrum usually was harmless! If a little off his rocker... The mutt tried to slip away when the malicid’s attention waned. He didn’t get far.
The horrid screech dropped Nox to his knees, holding his ringing ears. The snicker, that snicker drove him mad. It hurt his ears, his still ringing ears.
“Don’t be afraid...” the voice cooed, the insane voice, the low mellow voice mixed with vicious high pitched sneering echoes of the same words. Even the malicid found his own words preposterous and he laughed. The laugh was even more horrid than the snickering. The beast seemed to lose control entirely.
Nox curled and tried to protect himself. Redrum had just taken a step closer. Nox could see the animal’s saliva dripping to the floor.

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“Frightening on purpose”

For once things were going well in the kitchen. Anarakan hadn’t seen Nox in a while, but Schizo was there. The lohard had spent hardly a minute of his time to wonder about the mutt, being actually happy to get his work done without hindrance from the annoying canine.
A steady heart beat tattled on Schizo’s presence, which was comforting in its own way. One beat made itself known in the half-vampire’s ears. He frowned. It couldn’t be... but the second beat confirmed it. It was Nox. Think of the devil. Anarakan decided to concentrate on his salad and ignore Nox. That usually worked.
Nox bounced joyously into the kitchen through the whoring cupboard. He tangled a string of worryingly large beads with him.
“Oi...!” the mutt called out with a singsong voice. Anarakan merely took a glance at the mutt and what he was carrying, then returned to his salad.
“You’re frightening me on purpose,” the lohard said monotonously.
A snicker sounded from the doorway. Nox snapped his head towards the sound. A hyena female leaned casually at the doorway, her dress hanging lopsidedly off her shoulders, a corset pushing her breasts upwards and a sheathed cutlass hanging casually from her hips. The grin on her muzzle was irresistible. Nox answered it with one of his own charming ones.
“I like ta way ya’re thinking...” the hyena said with a thick accent.
“Care to join me with some more thinking?” Nox cooed, bowing in the direction of the whoring cupboard. The hyena merely laughed and walked over to Nox. Together they disappeared into the red twilight.
Luckily the door closes on its own, Anarakan thought as he tried to block out the sounds of the heart beats gaining speed.

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