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6.10. Lazing Nox spread out his wings and let himself slide a bit…

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Nox spread out his wings and let himself slide a bit lower. The steamy warmth of the sauna encircled his wings immediately. He let out a relaxed sigh. It had been a great idea to heat the sauna tonight. Whoever had had it, congrats to them. Probably had been Anarakan. Most likely. Even it if it was a little odd from the lohard, but maybe he was exhausted too. Nox closed his eyes and let a sleepy haze fog his mind.
Anarakan had indeed been the one to light to sauna. The lohard was now stretched out on his back, arms behind his head, forelimbs resting on his lower chest and hind limbs propped against the wall. His scaly tail flopped down from the higher seat to the lower and lay there motionless. The half-vampire turned his head and looked over the large, open space. He was happy Nox hadn’t managed to scream it out to the whole lounge that the sauna was warm. Schizo had been a great help with getting the mutt quickly there. Anarakan looked at the black and white malicid and Schizo looked back at him. No words were exchanged and both dropped their gazes, satisfied at whatever messages had been exchanged during those looks. Anarakan heaved a great sight to empty both lungs. The following inhaled burned in his nostrils, but he hardly was fazed. He raised his forelegs and examined his toes. The dull talons gleamed in the light from the fire. His scales hardly even caught the light. Making a mental note to file his talons, the lohard let his legs drop. Ignoring the sound of the mutt flopping down from the benches, Anarakan closed his eyes and enjoyed this moment of relaxation.

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