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I suck today... I just feel so horribly bad... And my writing just…

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I suck today... I just feel so horribly bad... And my writing just keeps getting worse and slower...

I want to go home.
10 minutes
280 words

Somewhere in the silence… Maybe somewhere out there?

The gryphon gazed to the stars quietly. His deep breaths rose as steam into the chill of autumn’s darkness. Stars twinkled and lit the wet blades of grass with a playful light. The sight, although beautiful, did not bring comfort to the lonely poet.

Words shifted comfortlessly in his head. His quill hung from his limp fingers. There was no point in it anymore.

Somewhere out there… Home?

What would be home…

The dragon Icaros had been watching earlier bounded into the poet’s gaze. Ruubenev seemed so at ease here… Yet it couldn’t be that this was where he felt home? Icaros dropped his gaze to his paper and quill, a wave of desperation washing over him. At the same time the joyful dragon paused to stare at the stars.

Icaros gave a deep sigh.

I don’t know… Where is home?

This had always been where he had sat. Always by the meadow, always right here. All the stars were familiar to him, the grass and the trees whispered their greetings with the wind each day… But it wasn’t here. It felt empty…


He let his eyes rest on the empty paper, the silence screaming at him with its horror. The realization dawned on him…

Home is where the words flow…

Wishing to catch just a slimmer of hope, the gryphon lifted his eyes back to the stars. Right then Ruubenev passed over him. The dragon floated effortlessly off into the sky, climbing higher towards the stars. As Icaros followed the dragon’s long body in awe, a strange light approached.

“Hey… You stayed here.” Icaros turned to look at the source


* * *