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The air was crisp. 10 minutes 217 words The air was crisp,…

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The air was crisp.
10 minutes
217 words

The air was crisp, just like autumn air should be. Icaros sat on his favorite spot on the meadow, both his breath and his tea steaming into the still evening. Somewhere further away the dragon was bounding along joyously, clearly not a care in the world passing his mind.

The gryphon sipped his tea thoughtfully. Today his quill and paper had been given the rest they perhaps deserved. Today had been a day of silent contemplation. The poet sat still in the evening and watched the dragon’s frolicking with mild interest.

Somebody new stepped outside into the cold evening, which steadily growing darker. Bell wrapped her blanket tighter around herself. Bravely the saluki woman placed her bare paws forward, one step at a time. Behind her followed an old and torn wolf woman. Dusty watched Bell’s every step, worrying of the young one’s well being. Bell had not been feeling well for the past few days. It was slightly odd that she had even suggested going outside. Dusty frowned, the gaze of her left eye never leaving the white saluki unattended. Bell wanted to be comfortable, not shivering cold… As the saluki approached the blue gryphon, Dusty merely stayed still, lost in thought. Bell crouched down to talk with the blue creature.

“Icaros?” the saluki said quietly


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