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“Don’t be afraid.”

Nox pressed his back against the wall. His wings ached from the position, but the mutt much rather took the pain than stand any closer to that foaming mouth. And the snicker... And the tongue... And those gleaming eyes...
Redrum hung his lower jaw loosely, his double tongue hanging. The smaller, split tongue slipped in and out of its pouch, following the rhythm of the malicid’s snickering. The sound was insane, a set of higher echoes sounding from deep within the beast’s throat.
Nox didn’t even know what he had done to spite the monster. Redrum usually was harmless! If a little off his rocker... The mutt tried to slip away when the malicid’s attention waned. He didn’t get far.
The horrid screech dropped Nox to his knees, holding his ringing ears. The snicker, that snicker drove him mad. It hurt his ears, his still ringing ears.
“Don’t be afraid...” the voice cooed, the insane voice, the low mellow voice mixed with vicious high pitched sneering echoes of the same words. Even the malicid found his own words preposterous and he laughed. The laugh was even more horrid than the snickering. The beast seemed to lose control entirely.
Nox curled and tried to protect himself. Redrum had just taken a step closer. Nox could see the animal’s saliva dripping to the floor.

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“Frightening on purpose”

For once things were going well in the kitchen. Anarakan hadn’t seen Nox in a while, but Schizo was there. The lohard had spent hardly a minute of his time to wonder about the mutt, being actually happy to get his work done without hindrance from the annoying canine.
A steady heart beat tattled on Schizo’s presence, which was comforting in its own way. One beat made itself known in the half-vampire’s ears. He frowned. It couldn’t be... but the second beat confirmed it. It was Nox. Think of the devil. Anarakan decided to concentrate on his salad and ignore Nox. That usually worked.
Nox bounced joyously into the kitchen through the whoring cupboard. He tangled a string of worryingly large beads with him.
“Oi...!” the mutt called out with a singsong voice. Anarakan merely took a glance at the mutt and what he was carrying, then returned to his salad.
“You’re frightening me on purpose,” the lohard said monotonously.
A snicker sounded from the doorway. Nox snapped his head towards the sound. A hyena female leaned casually at the doorway, her dress hanging lopsidedly off her shoulders, a corset pushing her breasts upwards and a sheathed cutlass hanging casually from her hips. The grin on her muzzle was irresistible. Nox answered it with one of his own charming ones.
“I like ta way ya’re thinking...” the hyena said with a thick accent.
“Care to join me with some more thinking?” Nox cooed, bowing in the direction of the whoring cupboard. The hyena merely laughed and walked over to Nox. Together they disappeared into the red twilight.
Luckily the door closes on its own, Anarakan thought as he tried to block out the sounds of the heart beats gaining speed.

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Nox spread out his wings and let himself slide a bit lower. The steamy warmth of the sauna encircled his wings immediately. He let out a relaxed sigh. It had been a great idea to heat the sauna tonight. Whoever had had it, congrats to them. Probably had been Anarakan. Most likely. Even it if it was a little odd from the lohard, but maybe he was exhausted too. Nox closed his eyes and let a sleepy haze fog his mind.
Anarakan had indeed been the one to light to sauna. The lohard was now stretched out on his back, arms behind his head, forelimbs resting on his lower chest and hind limbs propped against the wall. His scaly tail flopped down from the higher seat to the lower and lay there motionless. The half-vampire turned his head and looked over the large, open space. He was happy Nox hadn’t managed to scream it out to the whole lounge that the sauna was warm. Schizo had been a great help with getting the mutt quickly there. Anarakan looked at the black and white malicid and Schizo looked back at him. No words were exchanged and both dropped their gazes, satisfied at whatever messages had been exchanged during those looks. Anarakan heaved a great sight to empty both lungs. The following inhaled burned in his nostrils, but he hardly was fazed. He raised his forelegs and examined his toes. The dull talons gleamed in the light from the fire. His scales hardly even caught the light. Making a mental note to file his talons, the lohard let his legs drop. Ignoring the sound of the mutt flopping down from the benches, Anarakan closed his eyes and enjoyed this moment of relaxation.

290 words, 10 min
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Prompts for the 2., 3., 4. and 5. of October.


Water splashed and dishes clinked beneath. White fluffy foam filled the sink and clung to the washer’s pale arms. Anarakan changed his grip on the brush to scrub off a particularly persistent remnant of porridge. One dip into the sink and the plate would be finished. He handed the dripping plate over.
Soundlessly white fingers grasped the side of the plate and Anarakan let go without even looking behind his back. Schizo wrapped a bright orange towel around the plate. His agile hands worked in a manner that showed practice and dedication. No matter what the malicid did, it was certain that the assassin made sure to do his best.
The orange towel was a strain on the eyes. Sitting on the counter top, Nox was attempting to discern a pattern from the twists and turns of the white stripe on the malicid’s black horns, but the mutt’s gaze kept dropping to the bright splash of colour within the malicid’s hands. Frustrated, Nox kept trying and trying to concentrate on the horns, only the horns, but to no avail. The towel would have to go, he decided. All of a sudden the plate appeared before his eyes. Giving a sheepish grin to explain his starting, Nox took the plate from Schizo and stood up on the counter.
The bat winged mutt was surprisingly agile when he balanced atop the kitchen counter, diving beneath open cupboard doors in search of the right place for the plate. Luckily the mutt was not bored enough to repeat his last antic, Anarakan thought. It had taken half the day to sort out the mutt’s various works of so called art he had constructed during the last dishwashing session. It was a small wonder how he had managed to balance more than one plate on their sides on top of each other. And the mugs! Icaros would have had a fit had he seen the predicament his favourite cup had been in. Somehow Anarakan couldn’t bring his mind over to seeing the melancholic gryphon having any sort of fit… Finding these thoughts useless, the taur turned his attention back to his work.
Gliding his hand through the water, his fingers touching the bottom of the sink, the lohard looked for the last remaining utensils. If his calculations were correct, only one spoon and one fork would be left. They were somewhere beneath all that foam.
Nox hovered on the edges of boredom. He would have loved to have seen Anarakan’s expression when the taur had noticed the constructions of last time’s work, but alas, he had been drawn to something… actually far more pleasant. His mind wandered over to the room next door, almost being able to smell the delicious aroma of… A spoon! Not again. He grabbed the spoon Schizo had held in front of his face and set work on finding the drawer he had just closed. There shouldn’t have been any more spoons left! The mutt grumbled to himself as he darted beneath a few open doors, catching his wing uncomfortably on the third. He almost fell from the counter but regained his balance, though it had brought him to a crouching position. Though it seemed to be a stroke of luck! The drawer for the spoon was right beneath his hand. Happily the mutt pulled it out, dropped the spoon into the knife section and closed the drawer. If he couldn’t do a dozen different towers from kitchen utensils, then this little prank had to do. Feeling disappointed, Nox sat again on the counter.
His rest was short. Nearly immediately a fork presented itself from the white hands of the young malicid. As Nox took it, he looked at the malicid’s face. He would have actually been quite handsome if it weren’t for those eyes… Ah well, Nox opened the same drawer and dropped the fork to its rightful spot.

With the dishes washed and the kitchen empty, Anarakan looked over to the lounge. It was quite, oddly quiet for the late evening. The taur smiled to himself and got to work preparing tomorrow’s breakfast.

684 words, 26 min


Nox leaned nonchalantly to the kitchen doorway all the while eyeing the lounge and its current inhabitants. Who was here tonight? Bell, obviously with Dusty, the heiress was an easy sight to catch, since it seemed the whole lounge had decided that that one table was the bell’s and hers only. But no, she wasn’t what Nox was looking for, no matter how beautiful the lithe saluki was. The mutt’s pitch black eyes shifted to another white beauty. Laronna... The unicorn would have been such a catch. Nox grinned to himself, a cocksure gesture. No matter how cold and distant the ice queen seemed, Nox knew a little secret... Even now the unicorn had the laronna-flowers tied to her mane. Ah but, that meant that she had accepted them from someone. Nox eyed the surrounding males whether anyone looked particularly happy or smug about themselves... No... It seemed no one here was to be the unicorn’s bed mate tonight. Who could it be? A grey female canine was talking with her. Could it...? No, Nox was fairly certain Laronna didn’t sleep with females. Who even was that canine? An afghan hound, judging from her fur... She didn’t ring a bell in Nox’s mind, no matter how the mutt scoured his memory. Jawahir it was not, she was light yellow... The hound stepped away from Laronna and struck a pose. The unicorn looked at her expectantly. Frowning, Nox watched the afghan start to sway her hips...
Nox was hypnotized. The afghan had danced, she had danced and Nox hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of her. She was still dancing, the tantalizing hips pulling at the mutt’s eyes. Only when she stopped, Nox noticed he wasn’t the only one staring. The whole lounge broke out into applause, but the afghan didn’t notice them. She was listening to Laronna, who spoke, every word said through a very rare sight, a smile.
Nox knew it.... There was no choice to it. Tonight he would get to know the dancing afghan.

339 words, 15 min


It didn’t matter, it didn’t matter, it didn’t matter. Run, far, far, far. Fast, run fast, must runfst. Fly, flee, farther, faster, faster, fly! Run! No rest, no hunger, no cold, no thirst. Only flight. Horror. Fly, flee! Run, fool, run! Hide and cover, be devoured! FLEE!
Run for your life!
No longer did the paws carry. No more could he run. No breath left in him, no more could his muscles carry. No more... It was over... It would be over. He would die.

85 words, 1 min


The threat of falling grasped, he could almost feel an iron fist clamping to his ankle and yanking him down. The tree tops loomed over him, threatening the intruder. He had to get up. Safety in the tree tops, hiding, shelter.

Silent the hunter stalked. Not a movement wasted, not a breath drawn in vain. The hunt was on.

Shabriri had stopped at the edge of the forest.
“You go,” the gryphon had croaked to him. “You’ll get him...” The gryn had been vicious, bloodthirsty.

He tried to calm his hammering heart, flattening himself against the tree trunk, aware of all the eyes glaring at him. Every being in the forest had to know he was here.

Pacing restlessly at the edge of the forest, Shabriri hardly focused on her empathy, yet the fear of the escapee was strong. It was so strong, she couldn’t even pinpoint it. Chasing the man had been a delight. The fear fed her. His crime didn’t matter... his fear did. The mercenary paused and tried to pinpoint her partner for the seventh time today, hundredth time this week, an uncountable amount she had spent trying to find the young malicid’s emotions, but to no avail. Either he was a master of masking, or the impossible, that he didn’t have feelings...

The shadows flickered green and black against his skin. A bush rustled beneath him and he started, fearing his life to end. But it wasn’t his time... yet.

Shabriri sat and reminisced at the delicious flight of the criminal. It hadn’t taken long to get on his trail. She and her partner saw the man scampering away. They hadn’t even tried to hide themselves. They knew he couldn’t outrun them. The thought of the forest did cross her mind when they speeded to full pursuit, but it was too late to get her broad wings to turn and herd the man away from the trees. He was not stupid, the merc had to give him credit for that. But he didn’t know her partner...

He had him in his sight.

The leaves were rustling. The shadows were creeping. Light was fading. No, it wasn’t late enough. It wasn’t, or was it? Had he been sitting amidst the branches for hours, years or decades? Or just a few seconds?
He had to get out of there. It wasn’t safe. He’d stayed still for too long. Too long, too slow, too predictable. He started the slow climb down, but the shadows leapt at him from every direction. He started at the first lashes of dark, but continued his descent without pausing. The shadows grew fangs and he hastened the climb. A branch broke from beneath his feet. The man fell. The forest floor received him unceremoniously.

The hunter sneaked towards his quarry. The man had landed awkwardly, but a brief look at him confirmed that he was still alive. A whimper came from the escapees lips. He began to open his eyes. The pupils spun and searched for focus. Delirious words and fragmented sentences attempted to make themselves heard. All of a sudden it was clear that the man had regained full consciousness. His scream was evidence enough of that.
The hunter merely watched as the escapee clambered to his feet, his left leg sprained or broken, yet he tried to run with it. Fear makes men do fascinating things, the hunter thought as he almost lazily followed the lame man’s run.

Shabriri heard the commotion long before the man came to her sight. She smiled to herself. The contract said the escapee was to be alive... nothing was mentioned of his mental wellbeing. She gave out a hollow laugh as the man staggered out of the forest and sent an emphatic wave of horror at him. The man’s left leg gave way and he cried an inhuman shriek. What delight. Shabriri giggled as she closed in on him, her sick joy in the other’s suffering. The man staggered backwards and looked fearfully over his shoulder. He collapsed on the spot, fainted.

Shabriri gave gryn to her partner, the last sight the man had seen. The young malicid looked at her with those eyes, those horrible, horrible eyes...

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Wow, haven't written in ages. My rats are doing great, although Pyry has started to show signs of HLD, and I've had to separate him and Kuura from the teens due to Kuura's aggressiveness. But I've got two new rats from a an unregistered but good breeder. The youngsters are so sweet. They're striped huskies/roans and their names are Eljas and Serkan.

But what was the actual point of my post was that it's October! Which means it'll soon be November! Time for NaNoWriMo again. I will try to write October's prompts everyday. Here's today's:


Gravity. How could the broken poets defy the old laws? The way it had always been? The wingless gryphon raised his eyes to the stars. The twinkling droplets of light amidst the velvety dark of the night sky seemed listless in the autumn gloaming. No clouds drifted across the still heavens. Not even the moon was in sight. Only the stars.
Icaros dropped his eyes. There was nothing for him up there. No whimsical words came to his mind, not a strand of a fleeting sentence… nothing. The night was silent, his voice was silent. The quill in his talon remained still.
Movement caught the desperate poet’s eye. Further in the meadow a creature was dancing. The old laws were broken, gravity defied. A foot gently touched ground, hardly bending even a blade of grass and immediately it was rising upwards again, floating higher and higher. The serpentine body twisted fluidly, heading back to the ground, another twist turned the direction again to the heavens.
Icaros watched silently as Ruubenev danced. A cruel form of mockery… Both of them wingless, yet it was the lunatic who flew, not the poet. Hardly a plan in his dance, the dragon turned again, his serpentine body afloat in the night air. He twisted and turned, floated and landed with form, without function. Perhaps there was a tune in his perhaps? Perhaps there was some reason? Perhaps there wasn’t…
Perhaps there wasn’t sense…. Perhaps there wasn’t reason…
The gryphon left his quill and his parchment. He walked to the only warmth in the autumn night. The light of a comforting fire. The little gazebo at the side of the meadow. His shelter from the autumn’s cold grasp. But not from the coldness within his mind.

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Wohoo, almost out of school. Been doing the päivystys-thing here... How the heck do you translate that? Ah well. We've had a really lucky week this time. It's been completely dogless for the whole weekend and during the week we had one dog stay until Friday (her owner got caught because of the volcano XD) and one awesome great dane for two days. So our days have been rather relaxing with no pressing matters to tend to. I still really dislike this job. I'm really happy I'm getting out of here. And I'm getting ratty babies!
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Wohoo, I got full marks from an exam! Yay for life's small pleasures.

Leaving for Loppi on Wednesday. Lovely, five days away from school.

I'll be getting three rat babies in a couple of weeks, a pair of black badgers and one mink variegated.

And now to study for Wednesday's exam.

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Long time no write...

I need company. Company I'd feel at home with... I feel lonely and shunned out in many situations. Entirely my fault? I don't know.

I'm currently at Ähtäri, a zoo. We're here with our class, been since Monday. We'll leave on Thursday. Yesterday wasn't too special, we just went around the park and then settled into our lodgings. I like the little house we have and I'm so lucky that our group of outcasts got this house all to ourselves. Or well, the teachers are here too, but they're actually good company.

Today we went and fed the lynxes, tended to the sick room (wild animals found in bad shape) and then... fed the bears! That was cool, the three cubs were hilarious. One of them got an orange peel stuck to her butt and was a hilarious sight with it.

Tomorrow we get to go to the wolf pen ^^

I'll try to update more often. A very unstable promise, but anyway.

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NaNoWriMo is done!
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Shame on me, I didn't do this daily. Ah well. Need to get back to the swing of writing! Did pretty well today.
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Yesterdays prompt, because it hadn't been posted before my bedtime XD


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I suck today... I just feel so horribly bad... And my writing just keeps getting worse and slower...


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I just got offered an apartment! I can't believe this! Wow... this is incredible... Wow... I'll be moving in November. This is... wow, I just can't believe this...
excited excited
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In preparation for November, I'm going to try and do all the writing prompts they're posting on the forums for October and post them here.
If anybody's doing NaNo this year, please add me as a buddy : ) Username is (surprise, surprise) Silv. It would be great to get people to write with.
Anyway, to the prompt! I went a little offtopic on it, but at least I did write, finally... The prompt sentence will be written in bold and is not the title or anything, it's just the prompt sentence.

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Katumus on pelkkä sana
Yksin myöhäistä lausua
* * *
Ei tämä ole koti, tämä on vain paikka, jossa olen.

I want to write more. I want to stay up late today and write. Would be lovely...

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